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Cafe Interview about Swap to Reusable Straw – JoeSun

  1. What made you do the swap?

We’ve always been interested in doing something to help the environment. Everyday you see articles and videos of how our planet earth is slowly deteriorating and dying, and it is all caused by human race ourselves. Here we are, thinking of ways to help restore planet earth, but we never realized how what we’re doing everyday is actually contributing to harming the environment instead. We might not be able to do a lot and we definitely cannot just save the planet overnight, but we are trying here by starting with baby steps- swapping plastic straws for bamboo straws.


  1. What was your first impression of bamboo straws?

To be honest, we have never thought that bamboo could be used in such ways. Bamboos have always been associated with pandas or furniture. When we first saw that bamboo was introduced as utensil, we were impressed and a sudden inspiration struck us. We thought it was a good idea to and kudos to the person who had this revelation of turning bamboos into something useful!

  1. Any pros and cons of bamboo straws?

There are definitely more pros than cons. Where do we even start? Bamboos are a fast growing plant that is very sustainable, so you don’t have to worry about it being extinct or short in supply. Also, they are tough and sturdy, so they don’t break so easily and can be re-used for a long time. Most importantly, it is a natural material, which means it is bio-degradable and will vanish on earth’s surface in a natural way. The only down part of the bamboo straws is that they need TLC (tender, loving and care). Unlike the plastic straws which is only a single-use item, bamboo straws require some extra time, attention and care in terms of cleaning. Other than that, everything is just positive.

  1. How is the response from your customers in your cafe so far?

We have mixed feedbacks. There are customers who are happy and excited to see that Joe Sun has hopped on the bandwagon of “no plastic straw” movement. Unfortunately, there are also customers who are not aware of this movement and the situation of our planet and they don’t understand why we’re serving their drinks with a bamboo straw. We’ve received some feedbacks that they’d prefer not to have the bamboo straws because they have the impression that the bamboo straws are not hygienic. But, good thing is, even though the refused the bamboo straws, they still did not use plastic straws! It’s still a winning situation.

  1. What do you think can be done to boost the popularity of bamboo straws?

Awareness. Lots of awareness. There are more and more videos and articles talking about bamboo straws and a lot of restaurants have been joining this movement. We believe that people will be accepting to this idea and slowly diminishing the usage of plastic straws, it just needs time.

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