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Our Mission



Our Mission

We support non-profit organisations and work on projects on causes that are important to the society and environment.





What We Do?

Stop Sucking!

Reduce your single use plastic campaign

Stop Sucking is a project by Weave Asia to create and spread awareness of the harm of plastic straws & single use plastic. Did you know? A plastic straw takes 200 years to decompose and it can’t be recycled most of the time because they’re made of non-biodegradable material. Weaving Hearts aims to reduce the amount of plastic waste in Malaysia by promoting bamboo straws as a substitute for plastic straws.

A swap of straws can make our Mother Earth greener and better. Hop in and help save our planet together. Change yourself for a better planet Earth!

We are actively converting cafes & f&b to make the switch to no-straws or bamboo straws.

Subsidising / sponsoring Non Profit Organisation

on their website design & marketing campaigns.

Besides weaving together Non-Profit Organisations to unite and establish a better community, Weaving Hearts also sponsors and subsidise other NPOs on website designing and marketing campaigns. This an extra gesture and token from Weaving Hearts as a support system to other NPOs. 

We believe that all NPOs  deserve a website to be able to display what their core beliefs and project is all about. Weaving Hearts is able to guide and assist in these points and in return, Weaving Hearts hopes to establish and foster great relationships and support system from each other.