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Eco-Friendly and Reusable Straw Alternatives – SAY NO TO PLASTIC STRAW


Everyone knows what plastic does to our soil, water, and also our health. A number of restaurants and cafes have stopped using plastic straws to contribute to saving our earth. It is a very good practice for us to stop the habit of using straws. Think about it, you don’t use straws when you drink at home, do you? Or is it just me? If you are a straw “sucker”, take a look at other straw alternatives you can use without harming our planet earth.


  1. Metal Straws

A high quality and durable straw which can be used for years rather than wasting so many plastic straws. Also, they are friendly to both you and the environment. Compared to plastic straws, using a metal straw will be much safer because we will not be consuming the chemical substance containing in a plastic straw into our body. A metal straw is mostly made from a stainless steel material and it is BPA free, thus no worries for it getting rusty or unsafe to use. But be careful, they might clink against your teeth if you are not used to it yet.


  1. Glass Straws

A crystal clear glass straw, isn’t it better than a plastic straw? Unlike metal straws, glass straws are suitable for both hot and cold drinks. Although these eco-friendly straws are easy to break or crack if you are not careful, the advantage is you can see through them, so you can make sure that they are squeaky clean. Another cool thing about glass straws is they come in many designs and colors!


  1. Paper Straws

Paper straw is suitable for those who want to serve drinks in a party or an event, it is convenient as it is disposable after use. However, there are also places that sell durable and compostable paper straws. The patterns and color designs of paper straw are very creative, they can even be customized exclusively for your brand or event.



  1. Bamboo Straws

There are natural bamboo straws that are usually handmade without pesticides, chemicals or artificial dyes. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world as it can grow up to 91cm within just 24 hours. Can you believe it? Neither can we! Thus, there is no need to worry that consuming bamboo straws will cause extinction in the plant. Moreover, the bamboo manufacturers are considerate towards bubble tea lovers too, they provide a wide holes bamboo straw for you to sip your toppings!


  1. Edible Straw

A straw that can be eaten after you are done sipping your drinks or while you are sipping your drinks. Edible utensils all begin with edible cups with a fruit leather-like texture and now have expanded their products to edible straws made from a seaweed-based material that is similar to plastic. What’s great about edible straws is they are 100% plastic-free, hyper-compostable, marine-degradable, non-GMO AND you can eat them. It can be made with flavors or with added nutrients too.


  1. Sugarcane Straw

This straw is made by a group of young entrepreneurs from Taiwan. These sugarcane straws are made from reusable sugarcane fibre, which is not only a natural source for the material but is also biodegradable. What makes it awesome is they don’t get soggy even after a long day of use!

Every straw we used will end up in dumpsites, in the river, or even our ocean! Why do we have to hurt our earth just to have convenience for a while? By swapping to reusable straws you not only improve your own health and the health of your family, but you also help save our planet from unnecessary waste. Contribute to saving our planet, stop using plastic straws now!

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